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Hey guys this is a blog article for you all to read and here is the link to the original article. 

What happens when a guy logs in under his wife’s gamertag? A whole new understanding of gamer girl problems. A huge thank you to my buddy Slaus for writing this post!

I consider myself a normal guy really. Nothing special, run of the mill, pays his taxes and tries not to scratch himself in public kinda dude.  Puts pants on two legs at a time and just tries to enjoy life every now and then with a little bit of escapism via video games when time permits.

But I want to tell you about a time where I logged in to game, and ended up beginning down a road of pro-feminism, or being a little BLEEP as many my male friends have decided to call it. But I digress… let’s get to the story.

For quite awhile I was in absolute love with Mass Effect 3 multi-player. Not just because it took place in the world of Commander Shepherd and I got to play as some of my favourite species and classes, but more so because it was cooperative.

…and I was good at it.

Really good at it.

Guaranteed first or second ranking per match good. Another reason I was in love with the game was because I got to play it alongside my wife, my long-time childhood friend; Mark as well as other really cool friends and strangers who happened to fill out the remaining spots. But one day I decided to login to try and unlock a few perks and packs for my wife since she was having a terrible time getting valuable items which you could randomly get in the perk packs. Therefore I decided to log in as her one time, play as a character which was one of my favourites, and rack up enough points to afford her a few packs in hopes at least of them would be an unlock for something worthwhile. Little did I know I’d be unlocking much more.

As soon as I logged onto the “lobby” which is an area where the 4 players wait before going into the match, the first thing I hear over the headphones was: “Oh great.. a girl player? F*ck. Are you serious? Let’s kick her and hope we get someone else.” Of course for those of you unfamiliar with how this works, they knew the character was a female due to my wife’s moniker or gamer tag as it’s called. Then another player chimed in : “We can’t do a gold match with a girl player. There are even girls who play this game? Shouldn’t she be playing my little pony or something.”

Pinkie Pie


Hey.. F those guys alright?? My little Pony is the illest and I’ll hear no one besmirching my pony friends, son! But anyway…. Two of the players were just being pure ridiculous about the fact that a “girl” just HAD to be a liability and that there was no way some “girl” would be able to provide anything of value on such a difficult level as “gold”.

I stayed quiet as to not even bother giving these guys any relief that I was in fact male and instead decided I was going to play this match better than I had ever played before JUST to let these guys think that a lowly chick bested them and dominated. So I used the tactics that my WIFE in fact taught ME in playing that character and I completely ran up the score.  Pulling out into a clear lead from the get, yet at the same time playing decent support to the team.

By the end of the 1st round, my score was quite a bit ahead of everyone else’s to which one of the guys remarked: “ wait a minute, the chick is in the lead? Oh hell no guys, we can’t have this.”  Guy two then joins in to quip: “No way can we let some bytch clear us like this.”

Oh it was on from that point on. Only person I assisted the rest of the game was the third person who remained silent for most of the match. I let the other guys fend for themselves even when on a few occasions they begged for help and revives. I denied them and by the end of the game, their scores weren’t even close to mine.

That’s when the third person spoke up…. A female player.

“ Damn, she and I had the top two ranks and you guys spent most of the match dead on your backs… You let two girls dominate you. Daaaang.” She said.

Guy one: “F*ck you, b*tch. Suck on a d*ck and get back in the kitchen.”

Guy two: “Stupid whores, f*ck you. Get raped.”


That’s when I logged off.

I wasn’t going to say anything to them about what they said because then they would have felt “better” at the fact a female gamer DIDN’T beat their scores. I thought it best to let it burn that they were several thousand points behind my scores. Scores of a character with a female gamer tag.

What’s the point of this story?

The point is that there shouldn’t BE a time when a female gamer has to be subjected to that kind of vitrol and smack talking for no other reason than she logged on…and she has a vagina. It should never be that the answer to getting bested by a female gamer is to tell her to get back into the kitchen or worst yet: get raped.  Female gamers just like any other gamer should be able to enjoy the experience of gaming without feeling uncomfortable. Without being subjected to misogynistic  taunts for no other reason than she logs on! Now I know what many of you apologists are going to say to that:” man that’s just how gaming is, we trash talk, it’s not personal.”

Yes… yes it is. Yes this was. “I” was attacked PURELY for the fact I was on my wife’s gamertag and the gamer tag showed that it obviously belonged to a female.  MY skills came into question for NO other reason than it being perceived that female gamers can’t be any good. That they can’t be REAL gamers. And the rebuttal to the other female’s smack talking that was in answer to THEIR smack talking, was the tried and true good ol: get back into the kitchen… mixed with some complete depravity of “get raped.”

That’s wrong.


There is no excuse.


That is why whenever male gamers act as if they are so offended by the points which female and feminist gamers bring up (valid points), and their answer to such is to use pure ignorance and misogyny…… I shake my head.

Because fools like that are exactly why feminist gamers need to exist.

Game on ladies. Game on.

Keep up the good fight. You’ve got a few of us fellas behind you.

Slaus Caldwell


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Ronja Moss is a twinkly-eyed singer songwriter who delights in telling tales with her piano and rolling melodies. The 24 year old recorded in New York City in 2010 at the Rolla Polla Studio with Andy Baldwin (The Cat Empire, Bjork, Spiderbait), but has only been performing to audiences for a year. Recently relocated to the bright lights of Melbourne city, Ronja grew up in the central desert of Alice Springs. Ronja’s songs paint pictures; either witnessed, or imagined, endeavouring to take the listener into the lives of her characters and thoughts.

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