This is a quick story someone posted on my signal boost.

Holding out how things /should/ be.

Mostly signal boosting, but I do have a little story to share.
The only time I was in a game and no one on mic was harassed for their gender was in TF2 with a friend. She would play medic and would work out a good medic-soldier combo or medic-heavy combo to attack with. Sometimes go nuts on pyro while yelling out quick commands if she saw a good opportunity. I did not hear any comments about her being female during our time playing. People either listened or not.
I know this is currently a rare occurrence. I’ve been given trash before for being female and playing games, and it is out-numbered by how many times I’ve met someone that didn’t care that I was a female and just cared that I also played games. I’ve also seen and heard females of all ages get put down for playing games. The little story is just to be a little gem in the sea of trash.


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