potential filming styles

So I’ve been thinking about a few different filming styles/techniques that could add to the overall tone that we want to go for with our documentary. What came to mind was using a GoPro camera to capture both mp4 footage, and a series of images to create a time-lapse.

I love the look of the GoPro, with its wide-angle fish eye effect, something about it seems to feel very “gaming” like to me. It is also a nice juxtaposition to the long focal lengths and shallow depth of field that we are attaining with the dslr.

In putting it to the test at our first shoot, the footage turned out even better then what I expected. The images below are screen shots from the mp4 footage. While, the shots could probably be framed a little closer, I really like the overall look. It’s somewhat voyeuristic, in the sense that it almost feels as if the audience is watching from inside the television that Ruby is staring at. Better framing (centred and tighter shot) could create an even more intense feeling of this.

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 12.40.08 AM Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 12.41.28 AM

However, there are many issues to consider when using the GoPro. Firstly, its low light performance is practically non-existent,  as seen in the time-lapse below. Lighting is an intrinsic  consideration when using the GoPro, so if there are shots that we would like to use minimal lighting, the wide-angle GoPro is really not an option.

It is also quite a low quality camera in comparison to the dslr footage. The GoPro creates far more noise than any of the canon and nikon dlsr’s we have been using. However, I don’t quite mind the bit of grain as seen in the screen shots above. Again, there is something that feels “gaming” about it, almost like a bit of screen static from a television set. Though I would be curios to see how bad/tolerable GoPro footage would look on a cinema sized screen.

Lastly, the time-lapse. I really like this technique, especially because I think it fits with the fast-paced witty rhythm we are trying to create in film. While this particular time-lapse is clearly unusable because of the quality, it is just an example of something we may want to try to create again.


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