knitting scene

[Male Knitter] “It just looks like a lot of fun!” 

[male friend] “I dunno man, don’t you think it’s sort of a girl thing?”

[MK] “It’s fun! And I think I’m good enough to try joining a community, you know?”

[MF] “Those knitting girls can be pretty brutal…”

[mk] “We all love knitting, it’ll be fine.”


at the knitting circle; a bunch of women all knitting furiously, occasionally calling out smack talk to each other.

“What the fuck do you call that? knit one pearl two you fuckwit, not knit two pearl one”

“Ha! I’ve finished two rows, you just got raaappeeedd” 

etc etc all that sort of lovely stuff

Enter… the male knitter.

mk: “hey! Ready to knit?” 

again, silence, and then the sound breaks out: “fuck me, it’s a guy! what’s a guy doing here? fuck off! Balls or GTFO” etc etc

MK: “Hey, guys, I just want to knit, ok?”

He takes a seat and pulls out his wool and knitting needles, getting ready and starts to knit


“What the hell are you doing?”

“Oh god could you /be/ any slower?”


“Make me a sandwich!”

“God, can you even stitch?”

“hey girls, he’s using 14 point needles on a close knit scarf”

(all laugh)


MK gets up and leaves to cat calls. 


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